Real Estate

Purchase of real estate worth USD 250,000 - This investment route is the most popular and easy option and particularly attractive for foreign investors.

Fixed Capital Investment

Making a minimum fixed capital investment of USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira.

Creating Jobs

Creating jobs for at least 50 people, as attested by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services.

Bank Deposit

Depositing at least USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira in banks operating in Turkey with the condition not to withdraw the same for at least three years.


Buying at least USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira worth of government bonds with the condition that they cannot be sold for at least three years.


Buying at least USD 500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira worth of real estate investment fund share or venture capital investment fund share with the condition that they cannot be sold for at least three years.


Turkish government launched the Program in January 2017 to attract foreign investors and improve real estate sector in the country. When investment program was first launced, The amount of investment through real estate was determined as at least $1 million. Then the Turkish government dropped the amount to $250,000.

However, according to the latest decisions taken by the government the investment amount will raise up to 400,000 soon.

Advantages of Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Passport

Purchase of real estate worth USD 250,000 - This investment route is the most popular and easy option and particularly attractive for foreign investors.

E2 in the US

If you wish to relocate to the US, you can easily apply for the E-2 investor visa to enter the country. The two countries have a Treaty agreement for USA E-1 and E-2 Investor Visa.

Easy Schengen Visa

Turkey citizenship holders can easily apply for a Schengen visa without much hassle, as long as they can provide sufficient documents.

About Turkey

Turkey is a safe country known for its hospitality, where the traditional and the modern are in harmony.

It’s one of the world’s 20 largest economies. Turkish economy has more than tripled over the past 19 years and is promising to be on the growing trend.

Health care in Turkey is High-quality and yet affordable.

Turkey is the second country in the world in access to higher education with 94.2% schooling rate. Primary and secondary education is free, also there are more than 200 universities in Turkey with nearly 60.000 different programs.

There is no residency requirement in order to acquire Turkish Citizenship and it provides the right of citizenship that is unconditionally transferred to your next generation.

With Turkish passport, you can enter 110+ countries without a visa and enter many countries with e-visa.


How long does it take to get a Turkish Passport?

The evaluation period is up to 4 months from the date of application.

Are my spouse and children also eligible for Turkish Citizenship?

The main applicant (investor) may include their spouse, dependent children below the age of 18, and children of any age who are living with disabilities in their application to acquire Turkish Citizenship.

Does the Turkish Government allow me to obtain dual citizenship?

Yes, double Citizenship is allowed in Turkey. You do not need to renounce your current Citizenship but before applying for Turkish citizenship. However please make sure that your country of origin accepts dual citizenship, otherwise you may lose your own citizenship.

Can I carry out my citizenship procedures myself, do I need legal support?

Having an experienced lawyer who knows the legal procedure in Turkey during the citizenship application will not only save you from a lot of paperwork, but also will shorten the process of reaching your passport as you will follow the process that must be followed with care.

Do I need to stay in Turkey to be allowed to apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

Residing in Turkey for particular period of time before or after acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Investment is not obligatory.

I want to start a business in Turkey as a foreigner, is that possible?

Of course, Turkeys FDI Law is based on the principle of equal treatment and allows international investors to have the same rights and liabilities as local investors. As your legal assistant we can help you with the process of starting a business here.

I was sentenced to prison in the trial held against me in Turkey. I am not in Turkey. Can the Turkish state force me to be brought from the country where I am now?

No, There are special conditions for the prosecution of foreigners in Turkey. If you have any questions about the trial of foreigners in Turkey, we will be glad to assist you legally.

I have a company that does international trade, I want to enter the Turkish market can you establish the legal basis of my work?

International trade relies on international transport International transport provides an important legal function in international trade since it provides a link between the buyer and seller of the goods or services being traded. In connection with the Customs Law, we can follow up the legal process of disputes arising from the implementation of foreign trade legislation, such as customs regimes, free circulation, export, inward processing, outward processing, processing under customs control, and trade policy measures.

Can i divorce in Turkey if married abroad?

Foreign citizens relocated to Turkey can file for divorce in the home country, while the Turkish citizen will apply in the home country. If both spouses are from abroad, the divorce is concluded in Turkey. You can discuss all the legal grounds with our Turkish lawyers.

How do I claim my inheritance from Turkey?

When someone dies owning property in Turkey, the beneficiaries need to obtain a beneficiary certificate in Turkey which will allows them to change the ownership of the property or assets in Turkey out of the name of the deceased and into the names of the beneficiaries. The easiest way to obtain a beneficiary certificate is to instruct a Turkish lawyer who has experience in assisting clients with estate administrations and inheritance of assets in Turkey.

I want to transfer my shares to my wife in Turkey, is that possible?

Shares of a company can be transferred for personal or business reasons, it could be transferred as a gift. So, the answer is it is possible. If you are interested to transfer shares or buy shares, we can help through the legal process.

Can I buy a real estate and invest without being a Turkish citizen?

There are some restrictions valid in Turkey for foreigners to acquire real estate. As long as these restrictions are followed, it is possible to make an investment. We are glad to help you to find the right investment and guide your investment process.